Siembra Azul Suro Extra Añejo

Siembra Azul Suro Extra Añejo

This one time release of limited edition Siembra Azul Suro Extra Añejo is rested patiently for 5 years in proprietary American white oak barrels. This process ensures that no unwanted flavors are introduced to the pure spirit, other than the sublime combination of 7-12 year old Blue Agave and 75 year old Ozark oak.


You will notice subtle presence of herbs and spices with a hint of floral accents. Stray notes of fruit, especially apricot and citrus will be noticed on the palette. A well-balanced Extra Añejo with a velvety texture and intense reddish copper tones, it is best enjoyed in a Glencairn glass; the tapered mouth allows the nuances of this extraordinary Extra Añejo to truly come through.

We invite you to enjoy this superb extra añejo.


"Siembra" is a powerful word.

It is the act of sowing a harvest.

The creation of Siembra Spirits is an invitation to celebrate responsible producers who honor the history, the land and the people of Mexico.

Since 2005, Siembra Azul Tequila has exemplified a commitment to quality and tradition in the highlands terroir of Jalisco.

From the town of Arandas, Siembra Azul stands as a testament to ...

The Future of Tradition.


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