Siembra Azul Piñera Extra Añejo

Siembra Azul Piñera Extra Añejo

We were amazed by the reception of this limited edition 7-year-old premium tequila, Siembra Azul Piñera Extra Añejo. Now unavailable, this expression was rested in virgin French oak casks – to insure purity of the spirit – it has acquired a vivid amber color, with peach highlights.


The nose is sweet and spicy, with a hint of sauternes. The palette is alive with apricot, prune, cantaloupe, butterscotch, almond and orange peel.


(Sold out/collectors item)


"Siembra" is a powerful word.

It is the act of sowing a harvest.

The creation of Siembra Spirits is an invitation to celebrate responsible producers who honor the history, the land and the people of Mexico.

Since 2005, Siembra Azul Tequila has exemplified a commitment to quality and tradition in the highlands terroir of Jalisco.

From the town of Arandas, Siembra Azul stands as a testament to ...

The Future of Tradition.


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